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Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Hey friends! Happy Friday. I apologize for missing last weeks feels… I’ll explain why and where I’ve been the last two weeks in today’s post. It’s been kind of a whirlwind full of suitcase living and long hours in the car but in a way I’m really grateful for it… also will be explained below.  I hope you all enjoy this week’s Friday Feels and have a wonderful weekend.


My dad, the horse trainer.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

I’m not sure if many of my readers know this or not, but my parents are Saddlebred & Morgan Show horse trainers.  They live a crazy life but are so insanely successful with it.  I’ve never been one for horses but can’t express how much pride I have grown to have over the years of watching my dad do what he loves.

Unfortunately, with his job comes a bit of risk.. hints my reasoning for being in Missouri these past two weeks. Last Tuesday, my dad fell off of a horse and fractured a vertebrae in his back. I came the day it happened to support my mom and be here to keep my dad company in the hospital.  I returned to Champaign last weekend for a wedding and a day of mini sessions in between my two weeks here. This week, I came to take care of my dad while my mom, his crew and some of their horses went off to a show in St. Louis.

While in Missouri…
Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Along with hanging out with my dad.. I had plenty of other company while at my parent’s house in Missouri. When I was younger,  I often times felt like my family’s pets were more of a chore than anything and didn’t really care for them. Now… I’m the exact opposite.  I kind of love coming home to the craziness of it all and hanging out with all of the dogs and kitties.  Boomer, the bulldog, is the newest addition to the family and is my dad’s absolute best buddy.  He is so hysterical and has kept me very entertained all week to say the least!


Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Oh how I miss him! John and I haven’t gone this long without seeing each other since we were both in college.  I am so grateful for our random emails, snapchats, Google duos (aka Facetime for people like him who don’t have an iPhone) and before bed phone conversations.  It makes me wonder how couples prior to technology maintained long distance relationships.

The photos I included above are from the night before I headed to Missouri.. John had gotten off of work and asked me if I’d wanted to meet him out for a nice dinner.  With his transition into a new job position and it being my busy season, it was such a wonderful evening together.

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