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Just last Friday, this was me. Hints why I skipped Friday Feels last week… because I was soaking up my time in Mexico! I adventured with my dear friend Katie Cunningham (KGC Photography) to second shoot a wedding with her in Cancun. I was only in the tropical weather for three days but it was such a wonderful getaway from Illinois winter weather. Also, as some of you know I am a Mexican food addict so I was in heaven!


While in Cancun, we stayed at the Paridisus Cancun all inclusive resort. Alongside Katie, I photographed the most adorable couple from Texas.  Laura, the bride, had always dreamed of having a destination wedding and getting married on the beach.  Although I can’t say for sure, I think Carter (the groom) would have married her anywhere in the world…. he was so smitten by her the entire day.  I am so grateful to have been able to second shoot their wedding and am already obsessed with some of Katie’s sneak peek photos!

Katie Cunningham.

Who’s Katie?! Katie and I have been friends since we were in high school. She is from Oklahoma City but has horses at my family’s show horse farm. It was always the best during summers off of school when she would come to practice riding and stay at our house for the week.  Katie likes to consider herself the third Lowry daughter!

While we’ve always gotten along, our friendship really grew when Katie started pursuing a career in photographing.  In the past year, we’ve spent hours on the phone talking about this and that.. branding, photos, instagram, you name it.  I can’t even express how proud of her I am and how much she’s killing it!!! So if you haven’t already, go check her work out 🙂

Court Kap Art.

She’s done it again!!!!! Courtney is so talented. I fell in love with her work as soon as I saw it. When our beloved dog Bear passed away last April, I knew I had to have her paint him. I surprised John with the painting and knew that it would be something we would cherish forever. Just this last week, I had her paint our new crazy household of animals. She somehow captured each of our pets personalities so well…. I’m obsessed! If you have a fur baby, Court Kap Art is a must!

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