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I’m on the road again this weekend. Today, I’m headed to Auburn, IN to photograph one of my friend and fellow University of Illinois alumni’s wedding. It’s always exciting when I get to work a wedding that I know I’ll see familiar faces at.  Not to mention, my friend Mack (the groom)’s family owns KAMS bar at U of I and will be featuring their famous blue guys at the wedding..amazing. Anyone familiar with KAMS knows blue guys are their ‘signature’ drink.

I’ve got my road trip snacks packed and all of my camera batteries charging, but before I head out, I wanted to share with you this week’s Friday Feels!

Feelin’ Famous.
Ebby L Photography Photos

A while back, one of my couples entered their proposal photo at Lottie’s Pub in a contest for “Chicago’s Best Engagement Photo” through Steve Quick Jeweler. To my surprise, they won! I received a message from the couple early last week with this image. Yes, thats MY photo… on a billboard in Chicago!!! In case you’re dying to see it in person, it’s on the corner of North & Western.


John and I treat ourselves to HelloFresh every couple of months. It’s such an easy way to cook at home but still get to experience new, fun foods.  Our favorite from this past box was the Pancetta White pizza. It only took around 20 minutes in total to make but was absolutely delicious (side note, not my photograph above… too tasty to remember to take a picture!)

Along with our meals, HelloFresh also decided to give us four freebies to send to friends! First four to contact me are those friends 🙂 Comment below or send me an email/text/FB/whatever works!

Cat’s Outta the Box.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

I couldn’t help myself with that cheesy header… but with that being said, we’re moving again! Not for a little bit but because I travel so much, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pack a little bit each week.

I’ll have more news with all of that soon but for now, here’s an adorable picture of my kitty cat Luci making sure she’s coming with us in the move.  In all seriousness, she makes packing quite difficult because she LOVES boxes and has to get in every single one I take out. It definitely makes for a funny packing experience though! #crazycatlady

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