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Hello everyone! I know it’s been quite a while. This summer I have let Friday Feels slip to the side between all of the craziness of life.  As many of you know, this summer John and I bought a house and became an engaged couple! In addition to that… we’ve both been in our busy season with work, have taken on house projects, traveled and also cared for our three crazy animals while adjusting to home ownership. Oh, and wedding planning of course.

Project #1, The Kitchen.

I know… the first thing I thought too was why would anyone paint a kitchen that color?! …to match those beautiful homemade curtains.. duh!

This kitchen was something John and I initially thought we would completely redo.  After living here for a bit, we realized the kitchen itself wasn’t so bad.. the color was the completely unbearable part.

Having purchased paint for our living room and other rooms, one day I decided to just get rid of the turquoise! The project took two full days (plus probably one more I haven’t gotten to yet).  We still have a list of upgrades/changes to take care of but for now… no more turquoise!!


During busy season, I am in the car traveling constantly.  In the past, I’ve listened to music, podcasts, radio, etc.  Recently, I started using Audible and am OBSESSED. Within the last month, I have finished all of the books above.  My most recent was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I have never read Harry Potter and am already obsessed having just finished the first audiobook. There’s a pretty high chance audiobooks will no longer just be for car rides once I get further in the series…

Wedding Planning.

As mentioned before, John and I are engaged and have officially set a date! October 26, 2019.  We have plenty of time for planning but after being a part of 100+ weddings, I knew there were certain things I wanted to get taken care of immediately.

The big items include: our venue, photographer (KCG Photography) and rehearsal dinner location. In addition to these, I have also found my DJ (Ryan Reid of Crash Events…DUH!) and have been talking to a florist.  Although we haven’t fully dove into detail planning, it is such a relief to know that the venue and vendors I want for my day are officially booked.

If you aren’t familiar, the photos above are of our wedding venue, Pear Tree Estate.  It is in Champaign, IL where I grew up and John and I attended University of Illinois together. It is an incredible venue and I get giddy even thinking about it being the location of OUR wedding.

Photos on left & right taken by the incredible, Christi Chambers.

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