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Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Happy Friday from the Calcagno’s backyard! This house has been one of my favorite places to be since I was in junior high.  Maddie (one of my main second shooters!) has been one of my best friends since the sixth grade. Today, I am spending the day with Maddie and Morgan hanging out, cooking lunch and soaking up the sun.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this week’s Friday Feels!

The Calcagno House.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

As I said earlier, I’m spending the day at the Calcagno house.  This house holds so many memories.  While eating lunch here today, it brought me back to high school.  Maddie’s beagle Chloe has always been known to be a food thief.  She’s 15 years old now so I kind of figured maybe she’d grown out of her sneakiness.  Nope.  I went inside today to grab something and came back out to my brat on the floor and Chloe having herself a mid day snack!


Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

So I’ll be honest, John and I have horrible habits when it comes to going out to eat!  We are both very easily persuaded by the other and if one of us wants pizza… we’re going to get pizza.  But… this week we have tried to create new habits! I went grocery shopping on Monday and all week we have eaten all three meals at home. It’s been so much fun to make creative meals, grill out and just enjoy cooking. Fluff also has been loving hanging out in the yard while we grill!

The two hour stand still.

Friday Feels

If any of you follow along with my Instagram stories, you may already know this one.  On our way to last Saturday’s wedding in Louisville, KY, we were stopped in a stand still for two hours.  What we thought was going to be a short last leg to Louisville, ended up being MUCH longer than expected!

Although it wasn’t ideal, I am happy to say that neither Maddie nor myself let the traffic jam damper our moods.  We made the most of it, laughing and trying not to pee our pants after being in the car so long!

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