Friday Feels… on a Monday!

If you may have noticed… today isn’t Friday! Friday Feels since it began earlier this year has pretty much always been something I enjoy doing at the end of the week before a wedding on the weekend. Well, now that I’m approaching my off season with weddings… Friday came and went without me remembering Feels! So, rather than completely skip it.. I decided there aren’t really any fancy rules for when I can and can’t post it… so Monday Feels it is!

Long Distance No More.

The last Saturday I spent at home prior to these past two weekends was August 26th. That’s kind of nuts right?! With traveling for weddings on weekends and John working during the week, his big joke was that we were in a long distance relationship. For those of you who don’t know this.. we live together and have never been long distance so it’s really just us being dramatic about time apart.

But with that being said, long distance no more! Wedding season is coming to a close and John and I plan to take full advantage of our free weekends together. Last weekend, we went to brunch at the Wild Monk (one of our faves in La Grange) and had a wonderful day just doing this and that with no schedule what so ever. Brunch has always been our favorite so for those of you in the western suburbs, any recommendations for us?


This year, John’s family and I are doing something a little unconventional on Thanksgiving day! In addition to the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie, we’re adding an escape room to our schedule.  I used to love computer games like this when I was younger so my inner nerd is pretty excited to try it out in real life. Have any of you ever been to one of these?! They seem to be popping everywhere so it’s obvious people enjoy them. I’ll have to let you know how it goes… crossing my fingers we’re able to escape!

Sweater Swag.

Fluff still hasn’t quite grown back her ‘fluff’.  We knew when we were told that she needed to be shaved that growing her hair back would be a process but wow it’s a slow one! With winter approaching, I decided to get her a little sweater to stay warm. I ordered it on Amazon and am so happy with my purchase.  She looks super cute and even let’s me put on the hood every once in a while… she was too embarrassed for a picture with it on though!

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