Friday Feels- Our Proposal Story!

Friday Feels- Our Proposal Story!

I was back in Champaign for one of my best friend Kate’s bridal shower.  My parents were on their way to John and I’s new house in Lombard… or so I thought.  John had made plans at Kona Grill near our new home… or so I thought.

After having a delightful day with my girlfriends at the bridal shower, I went to Maddie’s house with her &  Nicole to get ready for dinner. I was under the impression we were meeting her family for dinner that night and didn’t really plan on doing much to get ready. While “freshening up”, Maddie kept asking me if I was going to put more makeup on or take a shower. I didn’t think much of her request and just touched up my makeup a bit.

Once we were all “ready for dinner”, we headed into town to meet her sister Allie for a drink before her parents got into town… or so I thought.

For any of reading this from the Champaign area, you know that Father’s Day (aka the day we got engaged) was a HOT one! So with the weather being 90+ degrees out, I wasn’t sure why Maddie and Nicole had suggested sitting outside for drinks. But because Nicole was only in town for the weekend and they both seemed up for it, I went along.

It wasn’t five minutes after we had sat down outside that John walked around the corner. He gave me a shrug and a smile as he came towards our table.

At this point a million thoughts were going through my head. Why isn’t he with my parents? Did he come to hang out with his friends? How did he know I was at this bar??

While I attempted to figure out why he was there, he quickly walked towards me. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee.

This part is where John and I debate… I swear he was crying before I was but he begs to differ. I heard him say the words, “Back where it all began…” and then everything else is a bit of a blur.

To say I was 100% surprised is an understatement.

After being together over five years (see our five year anniversary blog here) and purchasing a home together, I knew our time was coming but had no idea it was going to happen when it did.

John, my parents, his parents, my sister, his friends and my friends were all involved and I had absolutely no idea.

I couldn’t have asked for a proposal more perfect and am so excited to be engaged to my absolute favorite person.

***In case these photos aren’t enough, here’s his proposal on video! Thanks to my sister, Audrey!***

Friday Feels- Our Proposal Story! Ebby L Photography Photos

See the video HERE!


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