Sappy Love Stories: How They Met, How He Asked, Etc.

If you know me, you know one of my favorite aspects of my job is the love stories. I can’t get over the little details. I am a big believer in fate and love how it has such a funny way of putting two people together.

Yesterday, I was at a Rising Tide Society Tuesday’s Together meeting and met a wonderful fellow photog who met her husband on New Years Eve. Their story is filled with so many stupidly cute/perfect details. To give you a little glimpse… her husband is from England and they met while they were both on vacations in Iceland.  Less than a year later, he proposed to her in an airport terminal when reuniting after long distance.

After chatting with her, it inspired me to look back on some of my favorite proposals and how they met stories.  Here’s a little collection of warm, fuzzy stories for all of you romantics on Valentines Day!

For the Dog Lovers…

Andy and Megan’s engagement story is adorable in so many ways.  Megan is a dog lover and Andy knows the way to her heart is pups.  So… for their engagement Andy surprised Megan in a way that was perfect for her.  Megan had arranged a fall photo session with a photographer who was offering mini sessions.  Megan had no idea that Andy had planned so much more than just to be a part of their pictures.

Prior to their photo session, Andy found a perfect little rescue pup to add to their family.  He introduced their dog, Jedi, to the potential new dog, Scout.  When they got along and it seemed like a fit, he knew exactly what he was going to do.  In addition to shopping for a new pup, Andy also purchased a ring and planned his proposal to Megan.

On the day of their photo session, it began just how Megan had thought.  However, during the session PetNet rescue arrived with Scout.  When they brought her over to Andy and Megan, Megan instantly melted. In the midst of gushing over how cute Scout was, she noticed her a tag on her collar.  “Will You Marry Me…” it read.  As she processed what the words said, Andy got down on one knee and asked Megan to be his wife.

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It Was Their First Day of College…

It all began at Murray State University. Travis and Charlotte both lived in the same dorm.  As new students, they were both in a “Great Beginnings” program to help them get settled in.  During their program, Travis and Charlotte were paired in an ice breaker game.  What started as a friendly get know each other activity soon turned into the start of their future together.

It’s pretty crazy to think that an ice breaker game on the first day of college led them to where they are now.  Travis and Charlotte were able to experience college together. They spent Saturdays cheering on their Murray State Racers and spend late week nights at the library. Now, these two are happily married experiencing adult life together in Nashville, TN.

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Will You Marry Me…

The first time Blake saw Laurie, his first words foreshadowed their wedding day.  After a few drinks while tailgating, Blake couldn’t help but exclaim, “Will you Marry Me?” at the moment he saw Laurie.  

Despite living in different states and having separate busy schedules at University of Illinois and Mizzou, Blake and Laurie knew that their relationship was something special.  Six years after their initial meeting, Blake’s initial wish request came true and he married the love of his life.

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Sam had planned a surprise birthday party for Matt. Spoiler alert, Matt knew of the party and decided he was going to surprise her instead.

With no idea what was coming, Sam was anxious to get Matt to his “birthday party”. She texted her friends who were there waiting letting them know they were fifteen minutes, then ten minutes then only five minutes away! Everyone waited anxiously with excitement as majority of guests had figured out what was actually going to happen. 

As they arrived, everyone yelled surprise and Sam led Matt into “his party”.  When he paused, she looked back confused as to why he wasn’t approaching their friends and family.  As she turned around to him, Matt got down on one knee and proposed.  Everyone in the bar… friends, family, strangers clapped and exclaimed joy as she said yes. 

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“I met the girl.”

Jason and Kaitlin met at a wedding.  They both happened to be a part of the bridal party that day and Kaitlin just happened to be the only single bridesmaid.  

“I met the girl.”

That was the text message that Jason’s best man received a week after Jason and Kaitlin met.  It didn’t say, I met a girl… it said I met the girl.

Just two years after meeting at that wedding, they celebrated together with their friends and family on their own wedding day.

Click here to see photos from their special day.


Moira was running through the finish line in Memorial Stadium when she saw Brent.  After 26.2 miles, a hug from the love of her life was all she wanted.  As she ran to embrace him, Brent had something else in mind. He gave Moira a quick hug but then pulled back to lower down on one knee.  He asked her to marry him at the end of that race surrounded by other runners, supporters and also her family.

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They Met in a Bar…

Jordan and Jackie met at a bar in Downtown Champaign. She was with a couple of girlfriends and he was sitting at the bar. It was a bar that Jackie and her friends never went to but just wanted a change of scene that night. Little did she know, it was fate that brought her to that bar. Jordan and Jackie began talking to each other over drinks and the rest was history.

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Happy Valentines Day…

Judd had a plan to propose. He had thought it out perfectly and couldn’t wait to surprise Kyndall. He was going to cook a romantic home cooked meal and ask her to marry him on Valentines day which also happened to be their first date seven years before.  Unfortunately, Judd and Kyndall both came down with a horrible cold virus.  Despite this, Judd knew that he still wanted the most important part of his plan to happen.

Although she was still feeling under the weather, Judd insisted that Kyndall open her gifts for Valentines Day. Judd  handed her a present that contained a t-shirt that said “Future Mrs. Morgan” and then following that asked her to marry him! Looking back on his proposal, Kyndall recalls it as absolutely perfect and said she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

To see their wedding photos,  click here.

Her Favorite Place…

Sappy Love Stories Ebby L Photography Photos

They were in England at one of her favorite places in the world, The Hampton Court Palace.

Ryan pulled out a travel book he had purchased prior to the trip to “learn more about where they were”.  Because they were at the Palace, he had Chelsea flip to the Hampton Court page. On it, he had inserted a note that said “Will you…”.

She saw the note but not what it said and began talking about how weird it is that there was something in there and maybe about getting a refund… all while Ryan was getting down on one knee to ask her to marry him. As soon as Chelsea realized what was going on and that Ryan was seriously asking her to marry him, she immediately said yes!

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While I could share stories for the rest of the day, I am sure I have distracted all of you readers from your daily tasks enough already! I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day. I would LOVE for you to share your love stories with me so leave a comment below!

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