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Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely Friday. Rather than talking about this week specifically, I wanted to share some of my personal travels recently.  This summer has been one for the books when it comes to celebration. With two of my best friends engaged, our group of friends has been lucky enough to see each other several times. And when I say group of friends, I mean my core circle since the sixth grade.  It’s such a unique thing we all have. I wouldn’t say one of us is anything like the other yet somehow we all form this perfect lovely cohort of ladies. As we’ve aged, we’ve all developed our own lives but when we get together it’s like we’re back at one of our houses at 3am belly laughing over anything and everything.

Kate’s Bridal Shower.

One thing has stayed true since our teenage years, Alyssa has ALWAYS been the best when it comes to decor and style.  In fact, her senior superlative was “best dressed”! With that being said, it was no surprise that when she hosted Kate’s Bridal Shower everything was perfect. We all had such a wonderful time in Alyssa’s home showering the bride-to-be.  Kate received lots of amazing gifts and had her last little hurrah before she says I do in just under a month!


Our second get together this past month was to celebrate our other bride-to-be, Maddie.  Maddie has made quite a few appearances on the blog as my main second shooter and travel companion.  Although we’re extremely accustomed to travels together, driving down to Georgia has to be one of our most memorable trips.  On the drive down, we had a long lunch and went a ‘different’ route than normal making our 9.5 hour trip a 12 hour one.  You’d think this would have made for two grumpy gals but I don’t think I’ve laughed that much consistently in a long time!

Once in Georgia, we had an absolute blast with the rest of the party.  Tammy, Maddie’s mom’s best friend, hosted all of us girls at her lake house.  We spent our afternoons floating and our evenings boozing. Well, to be honest… we kind of spent the entire weekend boozing! But that’s what a bachelorette party is …right?

I think it’s safe to say we need a year to recover and prep for the next bachelorette party… mine! Any suggestions or ideas for me?!

That’s all for now! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  As always, if you have suggestions for what you’d like to read on Friday Feels.. comment below or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you.


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