Friday Feels ft. OUR engagement photos!

Friday Feels featuring OUR engagement photos! Friday Feels ft. OUR engagement photos Ebby L Photography

You guys.. I am WAY too excited to share this post.  I now have a little bit of insight into what my clients feel like waiting on their blog postbecause waiting on my engagement photos was absolute torture in the best way!

John and I seriously had the best time taking these with KGC Photography aka one of my closest friends, Katie. As soon as we got engaged, the most popular question asked was, ‘who is going to photograph YOUR wedding?!’. I have countless photographer peers that I love + admire but I chose Katie because I knew working with her would feel like hanging out with a BFF. While we have been close friends for years, I know that any client she photographs would feel the same (she’s just that good!).

Another insight I had being on the other side of the camera was the nerves that came beforehand! John and I have been photographed together several times before but something about this felt different. I mean after all, these were going to be our actual engagement photos. Although I had the nervous butterflies before we began taking photos, they quickly faded when we started.

Funny story. When we pulled into the area we decided on for photos, my eyes were instantly drawn to the stringed lights on a rooftop bar nearby.  When I pointed them out to John, he mentioned how he thought it would be very ‘us’ to hang out and get a beer up there for some of our pictures. Well… when we went to get those said beers.. I realized my purse was in Katie’s car which was several blocks away.  She handed me keys and I started slow jogging that way to get it.  Slightly winded, I arrived at the car to realize she had handed me MY car keys.  Note, my car was even further away the other direction and didn’t have my purse in it…

Eventually, I made it back to the bar and traded places with Katie who took the next long adventure to the car for me.  You might be asking, was it worth it?! ABSOLUTELY.. the photos with our beverages hanging out on the rooftop are some of my favorites from the entire session.

I could write more but I keep getting distracted staring at our photos and coming up with a new favorite every other hour… Thank you again to Katie, YOU ARE THE BEST.

Friday Feels ft. OUR engagement photos! Friday Feels ft. OUR engagement photos! Friday Feels ft OUR engagement photos

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  1. Holly says:

    SO CUTE! This session is totally you guys. <3
    Now when do *I* get to have a beer with you again? 😀

  2. Chris says:

    You captured perfectly everyone. Excellent work!

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