Friday Feels: It’s been a while!

Hey friends! I know, I know.. it’s been a while. I’ve realized that I enjoy making Friday Feels post much more when I have travel to include within them.  With winter being my slower wedding season, I have been taking full advantage of my time off and have had several weekend trips spent with my friends and family.  Rather than doing a Friday Feels post after each trip, I am going to feature each getaway in this one.  Just looking at the photos from each weekend make me so grateful for my loved ones!

Cincinnati Girls Weekend.

Can I relive this weekend over and over again?! Savannah and Taylor are my two best friends I met in college during our time at the University of Illinois. All three of us live in different states throughout the midwest and getting together isn’t something we are able to do as often as we’d like.  Two weekends ago, we FINALLY got together for the best weekend ever.  We ate pizza in our PJs, never stopped speaking through the 3 days and even surprised ourselves by making it to a yoga class together on Sunday. I am so thankful for these two and love that we already have so many plans to see each other again in 2019!


New York, New York.

I can’t say I’m surprised that after spending 4 days in New York with my best friend Nicole, I only took 3 photos.  Nicole and I have a friendship unlike anything else.  There’s something about the two of us that allows us to understand each others emotions maybe even better than we do ourselves. I loved getting away for the week (especially during The Polar Vortex in Chicago) and spending time with Nico in her city.  We wined and dined, checked something off of our bucket list together and even ordered our favorite Papa Johns pizza paired with Netflix in bed.

Side note, for not being a super ‘city chick’, I absolutely love New York. I leave every visit there thinking about when I’ll be able to come back… Maybe my BFF living there and loving it has something to do with it though!

A Weekend with the Rents.

Last weekend was one I will never forget. That sounds dramatic but it really was filled with two surreal experiences.  First, John and I met up with my parents and their friends/customers for an Oklahoma City Thunder game.  As big NBA fans, getting to go to a game in general was a treat however this one was unimaginable.  We had floor seats… we were seated on the floor right to the right of the basket and to the left of the player tunnel.  I don’t even know what else to say about it other than it was SOOO COOL!!!

After our once in a lifetime experience at the OKC game, John and I traveled with my parents to Champaign, IL for our wedding tasting!  I absolutely loved showing my parents Pear Tree Estate. Not to mention it was so much fun getting to be ‘a bride’ for the day rather than a vendor.  We tried so many incredible foods and left with our hearts and bellies full.  It sounds silly to call a wedding tasting surreal but as I started writing this I realized it still hasn’t sank in that John and I are getting married, THIS YEAR!


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