The story of how John & I met in South Padre Texas

Picture this. South Padre Island. Spring Break.

Yep, just as crazy and “college” as you’re picturing.  I was there with a bunch of my girlfriends, staying with 7-8 of them in a condo to get the ultimate spring break experience. We went out to the beach each day with our fruity alcoholic drinks to get tan, meet friends and have a good time.  It was day two or three of our trip when I first met him.  I knew he attended the University of Illinois because he was in my best friend Savannah’s boyfriends fraternity. All I knew of him though was that his last name was “Gorey”.

The day we met, we talked on the beach and had a good time making jokes about one of our mutual friends who was struggling from the night out before.  We didn’t talk about anything particularly memorable. However, what sticks out in my mind was him running back up to me after he walked away and asking for my number.  It’s funny to look back now because he added me in his phone as, “Cute E-B”.  It wasn’t until a couple of days later that we ran into each other again and our interest in each other grew.

One of the nights we were all out and about, John (I learned was his first name) asked me if I wanted to go walk on the beach… so cliche but completely adorable at the same time.  We walked and talked and I remember him asking me questions and saying that he “really wanted to know me”.  He asked me about my favorite choice in music, about my family and other questions that I wouldn’t have expected for a college boy on spring break to ask.

John & I met in South Padre Texas

The week in Texas ended and I tried my best not to get overly excited about this cute boy I had met. I remember specifically trying to refrain from talking about him to my friends because I didn’t want to jinx it or something.  It wasn’t until the Snow Day after Spring Break that I knew maybe he was just as excited as I was.  We were both still at our parents homes for the day but texted for at least 15 hours straight. We sent each other funny pictures and played 20 questions back and forth.  Our conversation made me giddy. I remember annoying my sister to death while we watched a movie because I kept pausing it to read her John and I’s conversation.

When we returned to school, we hung out pretty much every day that week. As some of you may know, John plays guitar and sings.  One of the highlights to that first week together was him playing and singing “Pretty Girl” by Ernie Halter to me.  The other highlight came that weekend when John came to my family’s Easter.  He had to work the night before and wasn’t planning to go home at all.  I half way jokingly asked him if he’d want to come to mine…never thinking he actually would.  To my surprise, just a little over a week after meeting each other, he attended my family’s Easter. The photo below is proof!

What started as a flirty interaction on Spring Break has turned into the best four years of my life thus far. “Gorey” has become my best friend, love of my life and favorite person to laugh until I cry with… completely cheesy but also completely true.


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