Allerton Park Engagement, Michael & Courtney, Monticello IL

Courtney loves to scrapbook.  Growing up, it’s always been a hobby of hers and her favorite way to document life.  Knowing this, Michael decided to get creative and make her a scrapbook for her birthday. The scrapbook was filled with all kinds of memories over their three years together.

Pictures, places and all sorts of things that they did together were included.  The last page was a hand written note from Michael to Courtney.  Towards the end, he mentioned how they have shared everything except his last name.

“Courtney, will you marry me?” read the last page in the book.

Writing this proposal story just makes me smile. It takes a lot to come up with a proposal plan, let alone make a scrapbook to do so! What I also absolutely loved about this was another part of the plan. In addition to making the book, he also had their families hidden but watching it all happen and made sure Courtney’s brother photographed it.

I love this couple and seriously had so much fun taking their engagement photos. Michael and Courtney are just such a real, down to earth pair and I already can’t wait for their wedding this coming April!

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