Behind the Scenes 2017

It’s hard to believe that another wedding season is complete! The behind the scenes blog is always one of my favorites. Not only is it a way to remember and look back on all of this years weddings… its also hilarious to find the “bloopers”.  I am crazy grateful for my team of second shooters and know that I without them this season wouldn’t have been nearly what it was.  So to Maddie, Taylor, Darija, Nicole and Teresa… you’re all the best!!! As a way to say thank you… here are a bunch of embarrassing photos from throughout the twenty four wedding we photographed in 2017 🙂

“Let me put this on Insta story!”

Details, details, details. Everywhere and anywhere. 

“Let me just get right here”… PERFECT!!

Working hard or hardly working? 

“Can you tell how much I’m sweating?”

Maddie, the social butterfly.

…or dog whisperer.

Shoutout to this usher for being my umbrella man! 


RECEPTION SNACKS.***smiling because I just took a handful of Sun Chips***

Taylor, the baby whisperer.

“It’ll be worth it, I promise!”

Ceremony spots… occasionally competing with the countless iPhone photographers in the aisle.

Some of our favorite videographers, doin’ their thang. (Ransom Wedding Films, Maloch Media, Embee Videography)

This Guy.

Maddie’s face when a stampede of guests swarm her on their way to the buffet line.

Model status.

…Not Model Status.

“Like this?”

Full-time wedding photographers, part time wedding dress fluffers.

“Oh hi Blake!”

“Oh this is actually really nice lighting… let’s take some selfies.”

Maddie, always more than willing to hold pretty flowers.

“Now just look how pretty your wife is!!!”

…I promise we were all having a good time…

Occasionally we’re pulled onto the dance floor…

Maddie stays clear of the dance floor, but she sure is a sucker for speeches (and ice tea!). 

My face when I’m WAY too excited to photograph a proposal in 15 minutes. 

Caught in the act.

Once a waitress.. always a waitress.

“I think the baby is needed upstairs… (me actually just wanting to hold him).”

WHAT A YEAR. Thankful for all of my incredible couples and their fantastic weddings <3

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