Downtown Frankfort Engagement, Eric & Christa, Frankfort IL

Downtown Frankfort Engagement, Eric & Christa, Frankfort IL

Eric proposed at Christa’s best friends wedding. She was the maid of honor and sneakily enough the bride had contacted Eric a week prior to the wedding with a plan in mind.

It was the bouquet toss.  Christa lined up with all of the other single ladies and happily cheered on the bride as she prepared to toss the bouquet.  To her surprise, the bride threw her bouquet right to Christa.  When she turned with the bouquet in hand, Eric was down on one knee next to her.

Talk about goosebumps!!! There are so many parts of this story that make me smile. The fact that Christa’s best friend/the bride helped come up with the plan to make it happen. Also, I love that there is no way Christa would have known it was going to happen there. I mean, who goes to their best friends wedding thinking… maybe he’ll propose today?! Gahhh I love this story.

Much like their proposal story, Eric and Christa are also completely adorable.  I love how they laugh and how their nervous energy when being behind the camera translated to such beautiful images.  For their session, we met in Frankfort, IL near Christa’s hometown. You’ll see by the photographs below what a cute town it was but seriously, photographer’s dream location!

Downtown Frankfort Engagement Ebby L Photography Photos Downtown Frnakfort Engagement, Eric & Christa, Frankfort IL

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