Friday Feels

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography PhotosHappy Friday! Truth be told, I’m writing this on Thursday because I have a busy weekend ahead of me.  My season of endless hours in the car, weddings and photo sessions has arrived. I am so thankful for comfortable shoes, planning my calendar ahead of time and One Direction sing along songs when I’m delirious driving after a long day. Oh, and the incredible couples who allow me to be a part of their wedding days.

Mother’s Day.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography PhotosThis year, I spent Mother’s Day with John, his momma and brother Dave at Arlington Race Track. Growing up on a horse farm, I spent my summers watching horse shows and playing around in the barn. But surprisingly enough, I have never attended a horse race before. My parents are American Saddlebred horse trainers and are in a completely different area of the industry than racing.

With that being said, my first experience at the tracks was a blast. Unfortunately, I didn’t win much of anything but had so much fun learning how to bet and watching all of the races take place. We also had a wonderful time celebrating John’s mom Jeanne. Unlike the rest of us, she had Mother’s Day luck and had quite a bit of success betting!

Second Shooting.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography PhotosEvery now and then, it’s always fun for me to switch things up and second shoot a wedding. This weekend, I have the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with Alexandra Lee Photography. She’s such a fun, outgoing person and I can’t wait to work along side her. I think second shooting is a wonderful way to continue educating myself and allow growth in my work. It’s also always a neat experience to capture more candid/creative photographs as the second photographer. Above are some of my favorite images I’ve taken while seconding!

Gotcha Day!

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

It’s officially been a year since we met our baby girl, Fluff. In fact, last year we drove up on Mother’s Day from Champaign to meet her at her foster’s house. The photo on the left is from the day we first saw her. She may have been fluffier but she was 15lbs lighter and much less healthy then she is now.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year! In honor of her “gotcha day”, we’ve given her plenty of extra treats, fried eggs and neck rubs this week!

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