Joyous Downtown Champaign Engagement Session, Devin & Tessa, Champaign IL

Devin and Tessa’s joy is infectious.  I loved every minute of their engagement session. These two never stop laughing and smiling.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought they had just met and were in the flirting stage of a relationship.  I can’t even explain how much love that these two have for each other.

Devin first met Tessa when he was working at Cowboy Monkey downtown Champaign.  Therefore, it was only fitting that we began their engagement session in the beer garden there.  We continued taking photos around downtown Champaign, a place that they both love and frequent.  Our significant location downtown was Seven Saints, where Tessa currently works. Devin and Tessa are such kind, loving individuals and it was obvious of that with the support shown from her co-workers at Seven Saints excitedly watching them get their photos taken.

Our last location was another one of significance.  In addition to working at Seven Saints, Tessa is also works at a dairy farm.  Devin made jokes about what a crazy cow lover she was and how she was way too excited to have photos at the farm.  I was able to meet two of her favorite cows, one of them being GIGANTIC! It was hilarious to see Devin pose for the photos with the cows and how uncomfortable he was compared to Tessa.  Tessa truly loves the animals we included in their photos and I am so happy we were able to make them a part of their session. We finished up around the farm and it was amazing! As much as I love urban settings, there is something to be said about an open field at sunset.

I love, love love this couple and cannot wait for their wedding in September! Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session.

joyous engagement session joyous champaign engagement session

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