Holiday Park Maternity, Steven & Haley, Indianapolis IN

Last week these two were the cutest soon-to-be parents imaginable… or so I thought. This week, they’re the cutest soon-to-be parents who are recently engaged!! While Steven and Haley have been getting the nursery ready and preparing for their future baby girl, Steven has had another thing in mind.

Haley is a total planner. She is 5 weeks out and has her hospital bag prepped and car seat in the car.  She’s had Steven hanging up this and that in the nursery and wanting to make sure everything is just right before her little one arrives.  So much so that she may not have noticed Steven preparing for his surprise.

On a week evening in the quietness of their future baby girls nursery, Steven asked Haley to marry him. Well technically, he asked if she would grow old with him.  How absolutely adorable is that?! I can’t get enough of these two and their natural way with each other.  During their session, it was clear to me how much of an understanding they have of each other. They laughed so much with one another especially when Haley started talking about all of her pregnancy cravings. I know they’re going to make incredible parents and I can’t wait for their little peanut to arrive!

Indianapolis Maternity Photo Session Ebby L Photography Photos Indianapolis Maternity Photo Session Ebby L Photography Photos

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