Best of Weddings 2017, Ebby L Photography

It’s a little tradition of mine at the end of each wedding season to look back and find my favorites from each one. And let me tell you, that’s a LOT of images to go through! Twenty four weddings, several locations, a variety of states, wedding colors etc.  Each year I find myself picking more and more to include so let me warn you ahead of time, this blog is a long one!

When I first began the “best of weddings” series, it used to only include my favorite image of each couple. Now, I can’t help but incorporate the flower girl doing the whip and nay nay, a beautiful ring shot paired with the bridal bouquet, the brides absolute dream cake… you get the picture.

I could go on and on about my couples and how much I love each of them but I figured I’d just show off some the best images from each of their weddings!

How cute were these little succulent wedding favors?

Andrew and Alyssa made me want a rainy day wedding they pulled it off so well! 

The Fuedin’ Hillbillies were the best!

This year, I have really enjoyed stealing the bride away for a couple of minutes for some close up portraits in the morning.

This blog post wouldn’t have been complete without Bowen, the surprise puppy!

And let’s not forget, pretty bridesmaids!! Best of Weddings 2017 Ebby L Photography Photos Best of Weddings 2017 Ebby L Photography Photos

The best reception surprise this year was at Madeline and Clayton’s wedding. Maddie’s friends surprised her with a routine to Uptown Funk! It was incredible and one of those moments that could have been in a movie!  Best of Weddings 2017 Ebby L Photography Photos

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