Ebby L Photography Behind the Scenes 2018

At the end of each wedding season, there’s one blog post that isn’t as beautiful and put together as the rest… Behind the Scenes!

It’s filled with lots of embarrassing moments, ‘candids’ and sneak peeks into what it’s like for myself and second shooters on wedding days. I am so grateful for my team of second shooters and know that my job wouldn’t be the same without them.  With that being said.. here’s a look into our 2018’s Behind the Scenes!

Wedding days begin with The Dress…

Throughout wedding days, the dress is also a huge focal point…

I’d like to think I’ve perfected the ‘dress fluff’….

“Oh sorry, did I get in your shot?”

Full time second shooter, part time baby whisperer.


When they announce dinner is about to be served…

When your best friend gets married…

you take on many other roles than simply her wedding photographer. (more on this HERE).

“Is this where you want it?”

Hi hi hi Ebby L couples!

When the groom’s speech has me UGLY CRYING…

Details, details, details.

“You in the suit move to the right… oh wait…”

My cutie pack mules.

Wait, lemme take a selfie.

Just a few of the many reasons why I love what I do…

the second shooters and dear friends that come along with..

Not pictured throughout the year but worth mentioning..

-us beelining to the server with hors d’oeuvres when we arrive at a reception

-the 10-15 times I almost face planted off of my stool while taking photos


-deodorant and makeup reapplication before the reception (especially in the summertime!)


-Us pretty much always obsessing over wedding flowers

-When taking reception photos also turns into dancing while taking photos

Pictured but worth re-mentioning…

I LOVE what I do and have so much fun at each and every wedding!

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  1. Denise says:

    Love this summary! Perfect capture of what our days look like.

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