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Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Yayyy for Friday! This week was heavily fueled by coffee.  Although I worked while gone the past two weeks, it isn’t quite the same as getting back into your work day schedule at home.  Oh, and when I’m out of town I don’t have my constant office companion, Fluff.  She’s doesn’t quite understand what a work day should consist of and thinks we should go on a walk at least every thirty minutes.  However… she’s had two new distractions in the house this week.. keep reading to find out what those are 🙂


Friday Feels Ebby L Photography PhotosFriday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

John officially wins boyfriend of the year. Since moving to our new house, I’ve been bugging John to get a kitty cat.  Somehow the older I get the more I love pets and can’t help but want to rescue them all.  Sooo… while I was gone last week John told me he had a surprise for me.  Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t keep his secret for more than a day and sent me a photo of the cats in our basement.

Onto their story… Ben and Luci are brother and sister.  They are at least 11 years old and have had the same owner for their entire lives.  Unfortunately, due to a health condition their previous owner can no longer take care of them… hence where we come in! John’s mom is a friend of their previous owner and just happened to be telling John about her situation. His mom had no idea that I had been wanting a cat so she was shocked to hear that John was interested in meeting them.  It still makes me smile to think about John and his mom Jeanne (not “cat” people) picking the kitties up and going to the pet store to buy them all sorts of goodies.

When Luci came to us, she had an injury on her stomach that has ultimately resulted in her wearing a cone of shame this week. She doesn’t seem to mind wearing it so far and looks sooo hilarious with it on. Ben is an explorer he loves hopping up on things and is definitely a bit more active than Luci… who prefers to make a bed anywhere that suits her…like a pile of socks on the dryer.

Reason #2 Why John’s The Best.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

When I got home Sunday, John surprised me with no only kitty cats but everything pumpkin! New candles, big pumpkins to carve, fall flowers, little pumpkins for decor and even pumpkin beer. It was such a cute, unexpected little display to say ‘I missed you’!

Boxed Wine.
Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Yes… I’m cringing for admitting I enjoy boxed wine.  I’m a big wine drinker and always love splurging on nicer bottles.  However, during the week sometimes a boxed wine is just a nice thing to have around. I’m not talking about Franzia (just saying that brings back ‘slap the bag’ drinking games from college) but I do enjoy some of the ‘nicer’ boxed wines. This week, we tried a new one called Box Wize.  I thought the little phrases on the box were hilarious and the wine wasn’t too bad either!

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