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Happy Friday, friends! This week was a weird one… probably because the first half of the week felt like a weekend.  With the Fourth of July being on a Tuesday, Wednesday felt like a Monday.  It was kind of nice but also felt like I didn’t get nearly the amount of work done that I wanted.  Oh well! There’s always next week.

I hope you all had an incredible holiday weekend and a great week following it.  Here’s this week’s Friday Feels!

Alfredo at 10pm on a Sunday.

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Not necessarily proud of this late night decision but I have to say it was delicious!!! Sunday’s are typically very lazy days in our house. We watch movies, lounge on the couch and most times end up taking naps.  This past Sunday was no different.  We watched a couple of movies, napped and just hung out.

Around 10pm we both said we were kind of hungry and decided to brainstorm cooking ideas. While browsing recipe ideas, I remembered seeing my friend Tessa Kirby’s blog about a delicious alfredo recipe she had.  We decided to give it a try and headed to our kitchen to get to work.

Cooking pasta at 10pm on a Sunday with John reminded me of when we were in college.  We loved randomly taking breaks during late night study sessions to either make or order food.  We definitely don’t do that nearly as often as we used to but I do hope that spontaneous pasta nights continue making appearances throughout our lives.  After all, what’s better than pjs, pasta and spending time with your favorite person?

The Fourth of July.

If you read last week’s Friday Feels post, you know that the Calcagno house has a special place in my heart.  Especially when it comes to the Fourth of July! They always have a big bash with lots of food, drinks and fun.

One of the big parts of the celebration is an annual bags tournament.  This year, John was my partner and unfortunately we lost our first and our second games so we were out of the tournament very quickly! So rather than being fierce competitors in the tournament, we stuck to eating and drinking most of the day! The entire day was an absolute blast and as always it was great to be a part of the Calcagno’s tradition.


I made a big purchase this week 🙂 I traded in my RAV4 for a Mitsubishi Outlander. I’m pretty excited about it and finally got the sunroof and leather seat’s I’d been dreaming of.  Side note, John and I also now both have white cars which admittedly I think is pretty cute to see side by side.


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