Grooms Tell All: Because their opinions matter too!

Okay… I’ll admit, I tend to pay more attention to my #EbbyLbrides then their grooms. But with that being said.. grooms are very important as well! I wasn’t sure how asking past grooms to answer questions and give advice from their wedding days would go over but it went way better than expected. In fact, I started tearing up from how adorable some of their answers were and laughing out loud over how honest and hilarious others were.  I love my couples and feel that their opinions are super valuable to future grooms and brides to be! So without further adieu, let’s bring out the grooms (I can’t help but bring back my Chris Harrison Bachelor voice for this one).

Prior to the Wedding Day…

“Help your fiancé with the planning. She will appreciate it and so will you come wedding day.”  -Clayton Meyer

“Let your wife take the lead in the planning as your job is to make the tough phone calls. But do take an active part in planning. Also, go to your bridal shower. Do it for your soon to be wife. It’s a great time!” – Andrew Eppley

“Do not attempt to work a half day at work on your wedding day. You’re future wife will not be pleased and she will win in the end anyways lol”. – Cody Stunkard

Don’t stress the little things….

“Definitely enjoy the morning, don’t stress and have a drink or 2 with your boys. Don’t stress about little things, it all works itself out there is no reason to stress yourself and ultimately her out. ” – Josh Menacher

“Don’t sweat the little things. Things won’t go as planned, but it will make your day unique. Don’t try to please everyone – this is your day, not your guests day.” – Clayton Meyer

“As for a must “do”…make sure you have some sort of shot on stand by before the wedding. Your nerves will be going and more than likely shot if you don’t ????.” – Cody Stunkard

“Kelli and I both took time to eat dinner at our reception. I know sometimes people are so busy, they don’t make eating a priority, but we really enjoyed our food. At the end of the day, you’re still going to feel like you didn’t get to talk to anybody, so enjoy the nice dinner you’re paying for lol.” – Bryce Shilts

Have Moments with your Wife…

“Take a step back throughout the day to soak it all in.” – Clayton Meyer

“Take a minute to soak in when you first see your bride. Taryn was just incredibly beautiful I honestly couldn’t believe how lucky I am to marry her. That’s the only part of the day just you 2 and I remember that being probably my favorite part of the whole day because it was just us and the thought of forever.” – Josh Menacher (****QUE THE TEARS!****)

“I think its important on your wedding day to soak in the all moments. Goes without saying, I will never forget seeing Betsy come down the aisle, it is a memory I will cherish forever.” – Salvo Rodriquez

Have Fun…

Grooms Tell All Ebby-L-Photography-Photos Grooms-Tell-All-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos“The trolley was one of our favorite parts of the day. Having a good chunk of time with just our wedding party was so fun and very special.” – Bryce Shilts

“Don’t forget to have fun, we got to say hi and thank almost everyone for coming at our wedding on the dance floor. That’s the best way to do it, we got to have so much fun with everyone and didn’t have to feel like we were missing anyone or missing out on the fun.” – Josh Menacher

“I loved seeing a group come together and have a celebration. You mentioned having fun in your last post, and I completely agree. Fun was had by all, and holds true every time we re-tell the stories from the day. Some of the best stories from our wedding were the ones that we hear pieced together by our guests…ones that Betsy and I didn’t even know was going on. I feel like every few months, a new perspective of our day comes to light and it reminds us how much fun it was for everyone involved. It was a true sign that everyone was really enjoying themselves, making memories with old friends, and connect with new ones from opposite sides of the families.” – Salvo Rodriquez

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