Rainy Day Milwaukee Engagement, Eric & Taylor, Milwaukee WI

Eric knew long before Taylor that this day would come.  From their initial meeting at a bar to his request for her to go on a date with him.. Eric just knew Taylor was special. From one of their first nights hanging out on, they spent several back to back days seeing each other.  Coffee dates, packers games, dinner with friends… they just instantly hit it off.  However, when Eric initially brought up them being a ‘couple’ Taylor initially turned him down yet still hung out with him every day that week.  After a couple more days of playing hard to get, Taylor couldn’t help herself and officially allowed Eric to call her his girlfriend.

The rest of their story is nothing short of wonderful.  When I asked Taylor about her and Eric, she explained how they met and some of their story and later went on to say…

“We have had nothing but awesome memories since then. His friends love me, my friends adore him, our families love each other, we moved in together, we’ve gone on long vacations together, we’ve been there for each other on drunken nights, I’ve become better than him at Mario Kart (he’ll deny it, but it’s true), we’ve merged finances, thrown parties, attended (countless) weddings, bought a motorcycle together, gotten donuts at 1:00am (several times, I might add), etc. He’s the best.”

Her answer was one of my favorites.  I loved Taylor’s confidence when speaking about their relationship and adore their little life together. They are such a fun, outgoing pair and I know that their wedding will be such a blast!


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