Sean & Courtney


Sean and Courtney were married at Little Galilee Christian Camp on May 16th.  This camp is extremely close to Courtney as she has grown up attending the camp and then later became a counselor for many years in the summer.  The day began with extreme rain storms on my way over but quickly turned into an absolutely beautiful wedding day for the two of them.  I loved seeing Sean pacing nervously in excitement prior to seeing Courtney and how cool and collected she managed to be while getting ready.  The camp scenery was gorgeous and had several areas that were perfect for photos…not to mention, we were in one tiny area of the camp!  Their bridal party was so much fun and outgoing and I loved the different colored bridesmaids dresses.  Matthew, the ring bearer, was a little charmer and made sure to help me out with photos and make sure they looked exactly how he wanted them to 🙂 The building that the ceremony and reception were held in were decorated to the 9s.  Courtney did such a wonderful job putting together the center pieces, wall decor, and every tiny detail you could think of to make it look perfect.  I loved how happy Sean and Courtney were all day and that they were able to be surrounded by their closest friends and family to celebrate.  Thank you Sean and Courtney for allowing me to be a part of your day! Hope you had an amazing time in Florida!2015-05-24_00222015-05-24_00232015-05-24_00272015-05-24_00262015-05-24_00282015-05-24_00212015-05-24_00292015-05-24_00302015-05-24_00312015-05-24_00392015-05-24_00402015-05-24_00412015-05-24_00432015-05-24_00442015-05-24_00462015-05-24_00472015-05-24_00482015-05-24_00492015-05-24_00502015-05-24_00512015-05-24_00522015-05-24_00532015-05-24_00542015-05-24_00552015-05-24_00562015-05-24_00322015-05-24_00332015-05-24_00342015-05-24_00352015-05-24_00362015-05-24_00372015-05-24_00382015-05-24_00572015-05-24_00042015-05-24_00052015-05-24_00062015-05-24_00072015-05-24_00082015-05-24_00092015-05-24_00102015-05-24_00112015-05-24_00122015-05-24_00022015-05-24_00032015-05-24_00132015-05-24_00142015-05-24_00152015-05-24_00162015-05-24_00172015-05-24_00182015-05-24_00192015-05-24_00202015-05-24_00602015-05-24_00612015-05-24_00622015-05-24_00592015-05-24_00242015-05-24_0063



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