East Market District Engagement, Kendall & Jensen, Louisville KY

Kendall and Jensen totally complete each other. Kendall is the quiet, sweet guy that Jensen has always dreamed about.  Jensen is full of sass and personality and is the person who always makes Kendall smile. As a lover of little kids, it makes perfect sense that Jensen was babysitting when she was introduced to Kendall.  She was spending lots of time babysitting his brother’s kids for about six months prior to meeting Kendall. As soon as Jensen and Kendall met, there was an instant spark between them.

Although they’re both from the midwest, Kendall and Jensen made the move to Huntsville, Alabama together to start their life. One of the things that really stands out to me about them is a couple is how incredibly proud Jensen is of Kendall. Kendall is a police officer and Jensen can’t say enough about how amazing he is at his job. It’s pretty adorable to hear her gush about how great he is.

For their engagement session, we decided to meet in Louisville, KY.  We found the cutest little area and had a wonderful time exploring. If anyone is ever in Louisville, stop by the East Market District, also known as the “Nulu Neighborhood”.  East Market District Engagement East Market District Engagement Ebby L Photography Photos East Market District Engagement Ebby L Photography Photos

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