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Basic Invite Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

I’ll admit, when I consider weddings I often only think of the detail on the actual wedding day itself. However, when stepping back and really considering… there are several details that take place before, after and during. One of these crucial details is wedding stationery. Save the dates, invitations, ceremony programs, reception place settings, thank you cards… Basic Invite has it all.

I stumbled upon Basic Invite when browsing for one of my best friend’s weddings and ever since have been obsessed.  They offer a variety of products and with each one comes a huge selection of styles to fit every brides needs.  Basic-Invite-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

What I loved about exploring their website was their options when it came to design. You can customize every single color, detail and setting on your stationery.  In addition to the customization aspect, I also really enjoyed that when creating a product, Basic Invite displayed similar products/suggestions to coordinate with my design.  Basic-Invite-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

Along with everything wedding related, Basic Invite also meets other a variety of other stationery needs. They covers all life events from high school graduations, pregnancy announcements, holiday cards, New Years invites.. you name it, they’ve got it.  Basic-Invite-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

While majority of the images in this post include photographs (are you surprised?), many of the options on Basic Invite can simply include beautiful texts and imagery. I couldn’t get over how timeless and stunning some of their gold foil options were. And did I mention… the option to print your invites on real wood!


Now, I know I’m not currently engaged but eventually I’ll be planning my own wedding. When that time comes, I know that Basic Invite will have everything I need. While exploring, I also discovered that they have several free wedding planning downloadable files!

Head on over to Basic Invite to see more of their incredible products!



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