Friday Feels

Oh hey friends, Happy Friday! With the 2017 wedding season coming to a close, I figured I’d share a little sneak peek Behind the Scenes in anticipation for the blog next week.  This past week has been full of editing, blogging and working to finish up everything before the holidays.  I also had the opportunity to chat with several potential brides which is always fun. Hearing their romantic proposal or meeting stories for the first time makes me so happy. I received an inquiry this week from a bride who met her future husband during a layover at an airport… how romantic right?!

This Lucky Guy.

But actually… he’s very lucky. On Monday, John was walking to lunch and saw a lottery ticket on the ground. He picked it up, assuming it was already scratched off but pleasantly discovered that it was not.  He put it in his pocket and continued his walk to lunch, kind of forgetting about the lottery ticket.

A couple of hours later, John went to reach into his pocket for something and discovered the lottery ticket again. He scratched it off and saw that little bag of money everyone hopes they see on their ticket.  Instant $100! When he told me he had won, I thought he was joking because it seemed like something he would kid around about. Once he got home from work and showed me the card, I finally believed him.

To celebrate John’s random winnings, we went to one of our favorite restaurants (Neat Kitchen & Bar) three days in a row…yes, we’re crazy.  In all fairness, he scratched off a second lottery ticket (he bought this one) and won $20!   On day three when he didn’t win, we called off going for a fourth day in a row.. LOL!

Junior High Besties.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography

Maddie and became best friends in the sixth grade.  We bonded on our walks to church on Wednesdays and quickly went from friends at school to besties who had sleepovers every weekend.  As we’ve grown, we’ve always remained close. Now especially, Maddie and I are closer than ever.. probably because she is one of my main second shooters and biggest supporters of Ebby L Photography!

We have so much photographing weddings together and always talk for the next 4 or 5 days afterwards about every little detail. This past weekend, Maddie and I photographed our last wedding of the 2017 season. It just happened to be a wedding with hometown friends which made things even more fun.  After the wedding, we couldn’t help but wonder if the coaches or parents from our hometown get a kick out of seeing us working together.. especially if they knew us as junior high buddies!

Tis the Season.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography

In the past, I have always been HORRIBLE at wrapping presents.  And when I say horrible.. I mean I typically resorted to bag buying because otherwise I’d use more tape than paper attempting to wrap. Well, this year something changed and I have become soooo into wrapping presents. Maybe it has to do with being 3 minutes away from a Hobby Lobby… 50% off Christmas items anyone?!

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