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Friday Feels - Ebby L Photography Photos

Happy Black Friday, friends! Although I was tempted, I actually didn’t do any crazy black Friday shopping today.  I shopped around a bit online but for the most part I just recovered from all of the corn casserole and pumpkin pie I consumed yesterday. I’m currently lounging in my favorite spot (our couch) and watching the Bulls/Golden State game. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving day and spent quality time with your loved ones!

We did it!
Friday Feels - Ebby L Photography Photos

If you read last week’s Friday Feels, you may remember that this year John’s family and I were doing something a little unconventional for Thanksgiving. We attempted our first escape room at Mastermind and guess what.. we did it!!! It was seriously so much fun and such a crazy experience trying to work together and ‘escape the room’ before the time ran out.

After exercising our minds, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at John’s parents home eating and drinking. I mentioned taking the day to recover from corn casserole and pumpkin pie… John’s mom made a delicious corn casserole that was definitely my favorite from the day.

My Aunt Sherry & Uncle Dave.
Friday Feels - Ebby L Photography Photos

Tomorrow, family festivities get to continue and John and I are making a trip to Indiana to visit a home that means so much to me.  Growing up, my Aunt Sherry and Uncle Dave’s house was my home away from home. At their house, we swam in the pool for hours on end, played nintendo 64 with Uncle Dave and snuggled in their big king bed even though we always started in our own while there.  I am so excited to take John to their house tomorrow, spend time with them and show John such a meaningful place from my childhood.

Ben and Luci.

Friday Feels - Ebby L Photography Photos

It’s official, the kitties rule the house.  When John initially got them for me, we were worried about how Fluff would feel about them. Now, all three of the animals take treats together! How funny is that?!

Luci’s favorite place to hang out is underneath the sink in the cabinet. We didn’t understand how she managed to get herself into the cabinet until one day I was in the room to see her do it. She actually stands on her hind legs and uses her hands to pry the corner of the cabinet door open… so entertaining to watch haha!  Ben is a little more social, he likes to sit on my desk while I work or sun bathe on the back of the couch during the afternoons.

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