Friday Feels

Today’s Friday Feels is from one of my favorite little corners in the world, Janey’s Coffee Co.  I’m in Arizona shooting a wedding this weekend for one of my favorite families.  This will be my fourth November in AZ and I always look forward to my time here. I can’t wait for the wedding this weekend but for now… Happy Friday Feels!

Long Distance Friends.

Last weekend, I was in Atlanta second shooting a wedding with one of my close friends, Katie (KGC Photography). She’s from Oklahoma City so it was an absolute blast getting to be in the same place as her for a weekend. Not to mention, while in Atlanta I was also able to one of my old friends, James.  He had just passed his BAR exam the day I was in town so it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate!

Sick Week.

After a great weekend in ATL, I was greeted with a not so great case of the flu.  Although not ideal, I made the most of it by getting lots of beauty sleep and screen time.  This past summer, I read the book Big Little Lies. I just finished the show this past week and really enjoyed it.  I’ve always been a fan of the book/movie combos so having it in a show was a fun change.

In addition to Big Little Lies, I also watched Me Before You. While I have not read the book, I’ve been told it’s even better than the movie which is hard to believe. Just picture this. Me… clothes two sizes too big… sick as a dog.. crying my eyes out with sad and happy tears.  I could go on but really if you haven’t seen it.. watch it.

Print your Pictures.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

As I mentioned earlier, I’m here in Arizona visiting one of my favorite families as they celebrate their oldest daughter’s wedding. While here each year, I always take their family photos.  One thing I love to see when I’m back is my work displayed in their home.  The photos included above are three of the many pictures used to help make their house a home. There’s something so beautiful about pictures in print and not on a screen.  Especially if it’s a little girl and her favorite pony!

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