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Friday-Feels-Ebby-L-Photography-PhotosThis week has kind of been a blur.  I can’t believe it’s already Friday.  Today, I am headed to the city for an engagement session and then off to a busy weekend in Champaign! I will worn you ahead of time, this week’s Friday Feels aren’t exactly the rainbows & butterflies.However, there is along with the bad.

When I began this blog series, I wasn’t sure how personal/involved I was going to make it. Currently, I am over twenty Friday Feels posts in and am realizing that it’s more than just a fun blog series.  I truly look forward to getting to Friday each week and reflecting on the days prior.  As I mentioned, this week was difficult but I am using this reflection as a way to find the good in every aspect of it!

When It Rains, It Pours.


Literally.  This past weekend it rained and rained and rained. So much so that Saturday morning our sump pump in the basement’s pipe broke. This being said, rather than pumping water outside it was coming inside.  It essentially looked like a geyser in our basement. Thankfully, our landlord and John’s wonderful parents helped us to solve the problem somewhat quickly.

Flash forward 12 or so hours… what was said to be a fluke thing happens again.. flood #2.  Majority of our belongings were upstairs at this point however we had left our mattress for the kitties. Around 9pm, John and I went down to the basement and saw 7 inches of water and our cats floating on the mattress.  I was too panicked in the moment but wish I would’ve taken a picture!


Not such an ideal situation but here we are five days later, mostly completely back to normal plus we have kitty cats upstairs now! Prior to the flood, Ben and Luci were content living in the basement and really didn’t seem to be making much effort to come socialize.  I am thrilled to let you know that they now live upstairs and are loving sun bathing in the windows and are even starting to warm up to Fluff!

Angels in the World.

As some of you may know, my Papa Lowry went to heaven this week. You may also know based on a previous Friday Feels that my dad has had a lot going on recently.  Earlier this week, he shared this story with the Facebook world and I couldn’t help but reshare.  When I read this, my eyes instantly welled up with tears. I am so thankful for this gentlemen that was able to provide my dad with a little bit of comfort that afternoon.



Earlier this week, my mom came into town. This was her first visit to our new home and while less than 24 hours I am so grateful to have had her company.  The day she was here also happened to be John and I’s 4.5 year anniversary.  The three of us had a wonderful dinner together and enjoyed several glasses of wine with it.  One of my favorite things about both of my parents is the way they love good food & laughing.  Every time we are at a restaurant with either of my parents.. there isn’t a 10 minute stretch that we don’t all share a laugh over something.  I’m already looking forward for the next opportunity to do so!

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