Friday Feels

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Heyyyy Friday!! Today is the first Friday in over a month that I’ve been home and not in the car on my way to somewhere else. I will be on my way to Milwaukee, WI in the morning for an engagement session but this is also the first weekend in six weeks that I haven’t had a wedding! I am really looking forward to my two engagement sessions this weekend as well as just having a little bit of down time.  It finally feels like fall outside so John and I talked about carving those cute pumpkins he surprised me with last week.  Anyone else have fall themed ideas for their weekend?!

The Couch.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

I think I probably love my couch more than most people… Especially when I’ve been traveling a lot or have a long work day in the office, the couch is my absolute favorite place to be.  Funny enough, I found our couch and chair on Craigslist together for only $150.  It was in incredible condition and we’ve had it for 3 years now.  They were one of my first furniture purchases and I am thankful I gave Craiglist a try and found them.  So to the lovely family that sold me my furniture, thank you.. I can’t get enough of sipping coffee on it in the morning or cuddling with John in the evening.


Grace and Frankie.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

While I edit, I am a Netflix addict.  You can pretty much guarantee if I’m in my office there will be a Netflix show on .. I actually have two desktop computers one that is designated my ‘Netflix computer’ majority of the time. Recently, I just binge watched Grace and Frankie. I was skeptical at first as it didn’t really look like something that interested me. However, after a couple of episodes I found it super easy to watch and really funny.  When editing,  I need something that is simple enough to follow but has a plot line that keeps me engaged.  Grace and Frankie was just that! I’m always interested in new show recommendations though especially after finishing one so if you have any ideas… send them my way!

Sweet Designs.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Debbie’s sugar cookies have been a long time guilty pleasure of mine.  Growing up, Debbie’s cookies were the thing to have at anything and everything in Mahomet, IL. This past weekend, both the bride and groom were from Mahomet and featured these cookies and other delicious sweets from Sweet Designs.  It’s a good thing my second shooter Maddie and I got to them when dessert was first offered because everyone flocked to them! If you’ve never experienced a Sweet Designs cookie and live in Central IL… make it a must on your list!

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