Friday Feels from Atlanta

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

And just like that.. I’m traveling again! This weekend I am in Atlanta second shooting for one of my wonderful friends, Katie.  Her work is amazing… so go check it out… KGC Photography.  It is such a fun experience for me to second shoot rather than lead every once in a while so I am so excited for tomorrow! Currently, I’m taking a little break in the room after getting to Atlanta to recoup before we head to dinner. Enjoy this week’s Friday Feels!

Pre Work Day Breakfast.

Because I work from home, it’s not often that I have somewhere to be in the morning at the same time as John! This week, I had a consultation in the city and was leaving around the same time he was.  Sooo… John and I decided it would be nice to get breakfast before the day began! We went to his favorite dinner in La Grange where he frequents at lunch time for their daily soup specials. It was a nice little change of pace and is something I hope to continue randomly!

Fluff the Furniture Pup.

When we first rescued Fluff, I think John and I would have bet money that Fluff would never have any desire to sit with us on the couch.  She wasn’t a fan of being cuddled and we figured that would just be her personality. Flash forward six months and that is no longer the case. Although she won’t get on the furniture unless picked up, she absolutely loves it!  If it were up to her now, Fluff would sleep in our bed every night and always be in between us on the couch!


5:15am came earlier than I would have liked this morning however I am in Georgia now! I spent my flight reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and drinking coffee.. lots of it.  For any of you who haven’t read it, the title is bit abrasive but the book is amazing!!! It’s hilarious but in reality super insightful. I’m over half way through and would definitely recommend it!

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