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Happy first Friday of December!!! I don’t know about you but I have officially transitioned from pumpkin spice everything to full on Christmas mode. I decorated this week and I also have been spending way too much time browsing for Christmas gifts.  One of my love languages is gift giving and Christmas makes me very happy because of it.

What kinds of gifts are your favorite ones? I am always one for “experience” gifts or things that allow me to spend time with my favorite humans.  This year, I am soooo excited to spend Christmas at my parent’s home in Missouri.  My mom has sent photos of the house decorated and it makes me giddy to even think about it.  Cinnamon rolls, christmas music, pjs…

Christmas & Kitties.


Well.. Kitties and our pup Fluff but we refer to her as the “big cat” majority of the time. This is John and I’s first Christmas with our house full of pets.  Fluff was very curious as I decorated but then forgot about the decor.. however, the cats have not! They LOVE the tree. Growing up, I always remember our cats being destructive and pulling ornaments off of the tree but surprisingly Ben and Luci just love laying underneath it.

As much as I love my pets (hints why they’re typically featured in Friday Feels), I also really love decorating.  With our current rental, majority of the walls are a sky blue color with white sponge/cloud like painting on them. Also, we have tree murals scattered throughout the house as well. It has been a challenge for me to decorate because everything is so summery looking. It definitely makes me appreciate the all white walls in our last rental!

Home away from Home.


It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I’ve been back… my Aunt Sherry and Uncle Dave’s house will always be a home to me. This past weekend, I was able to bring John there and show him that special place to me.  I can’t even explain the comfort their home and presence brings me.  It was so wonderful to visit with my Aunt Sherry, Uncle Dave and other members of their family. Throughout the entire time I was there, I was flooded with memories of playing in that corner or finding an Easter egg in that part of the yard.

Where it all began.

Friday Feels-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

South Padre, TX will always be a special place for John and I. It’s where we met on college spring break (read the full story here!).  We haven’t been back in a couple of years since we have both been busy with jobs and other traveling. However, we’re changing that… I just booked our flights for a week there in January. And this time around, our best friend Nicole will be joining us! I can’t wait for a week of sunshine, Mexican food and the best company.

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  1. Aunt Sherry says:

    We love you and John so much! Uncle Dave and I have discussed our visit forwards and backwards, with the conclusion, it was too short. Love you, Ebby!

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