Friendsgiving 2016


As if celebrating Thanksgiving in Nashville wasn’t enough.. John and I decided to host a Friendsgiving party when I returned home.  This group of girls and guys mean so much to me.  Typically, I’m terrible about taking personal pictures when I’m with my friends but this was too much of an occasion not to document. Last year, we hosted a Friendsmas (Christmas party) but this Friendsgiving was a first.

Also a first was making a turkey…and not just any turkey, an 18lb turkey! John and I were so nervous about it being an absolute disaster but it actually ended up being quite a success.  John had it in the smoker grill majority of the time but popped it in the oven just to finish cooking.  In addition to turkey, we had an assortment of Thanksgiving foods.  Beef and noodles, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, rolls.. it was awesome.  Morgan even made homemade pumpkin and pecan pies. We spent the entire day together, drinking baileys and coffee then switching over the wine. We played card games and darts and listened to pretty much every genre of music you can think of.  I am so grateful to have this group of hooligans to call my best friends and can’t wait until Friendsgiving 2017.

PS – Please disregard John’s mustache… No Shave November.

friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3284friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3283friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3279friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3280friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3282Friendsgiving 2016friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3278friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3277Friendsgiving 2016friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3289friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3290friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3291friendsgiving-celebration-ebby-l-photography-photos_3287

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