Miller Farms Wedding, Nick & Morgan, Gifford IL

Miller Farms Wedding, Nick & Morgan, Gifford IL

There are SO many things I could write about Nick and Morgan and their lovely relationship; however, as soon as I heard Jordan talk during their ceremony, I knew I needed to share his words instead.

“You guys, Nick and Morgan love each other like that’s all they’ve ever known. It’s an incredible thing to watch. Simply put, Nick and Morgan just LOVE. Whether it’s their students, their athletes, their family, their friends, or even strangers who need some light in their life- Nick and Morgan are there together sharing their love with the world.

Most clearly, though, they love each other. 

I don’t know a lot about love, I don’t. But, looking at Nick and Morgan, and getting to see their relationship grow, I can tell you that their love is so easy to see. You can see their love by the number of times they make each other laugh throughout the day. You can see their love by the way they tell stories about each other. You can see their love in the way that they dance, so terribly, together at a karaoke bar.

You can see love when Morgan watches Nick coach his runners from the sidelines. You can see love when Nick lets Morgan pick the movie even though she’s definitely going to fall asleep 10 minutes in, and even though she definitely promised she wouldn’t. You can see love when Morgan helps Nick find his wallet and car keys for the second time today. You can see love when Nick and Morgan fight over who Tempo gets to cuddle with for Sunday naps.

Through so many things, you two show us love.

I’ve mentioned this to you both before, and I mean this with absolute sincerity, you two have one the most successful and loving relationships that I have ever had the pleasure to be witness to- and I am so so grateful to have you both in my life. And speaking for all of us standing beside you, sitting before you, and watching over you- we are incredibly happy to see you take this next step into marriage, and we are so grateful that your love is in our lives.”

To see more of Nick and Morgan, check out their engagement photos. 


Venue: Miller Farms

Music: Crash Events

Hair: J. Lorraine Salon

Makeup: Lavish Salon

Florals: House of Flowers

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal 

Groomsmen Attire: ASOS 

Wedding Rings: Etsy

Catering: El Toro 

Linens/Decor: Miller Farms 

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