NYC: A weekend of friends, fun and very little sleep!

From the moment Nicole moved back to New York City, we knew a weekend like this past one had to happen. Neither John nor I had ever been to New York City and without her probably still wouldn’t have.  While we like going into Chicago for a weekend or visiting different places, we’re both kind of country mice and the thought of NYC was a little overwhelming.  However… this past weekend was seriously amazing!

Nicole was absolutely the best host and tour guide around.  We took public transportation, found cool trendy places with deals and still managed to visit a lot of the signature New York spots. With that being said, we did all of this in 48 hours! We arrived at 11:20pm on Friday and instantly dove right in.  Nicole took us to a couple local bars around her apartment in Harlem before we ventured to Times Square.  As a local, Nicole wasn’t pumped to go to Times Square but knew if we went late at night it would be less crowded and more of an experience. That it was. It was so overwhelming and amazing! 

After staying out until 5:30am Friday night, somehow we sprung into action Saturday morning for our next set of adventures. We started the day at Tom’s Restaurant (aka The Seinfeld Diner) before bopping around Nicole’s beloved Columbia University.  Columbia’s campus was so pretty.  I was instantly reminded of how incredible it is that my best friend is a graduate student at The Columbia University!

After visiting Columbia, we headed over to another significant location in New York… Central Park. At Central Park, we had the best time watching all of the cute dogs and if I’m being honest, people watching. 

After a day of exploring, somehow we managed to function on our little amount of sleep and met up with our friend Rachel from high school. With Rachel (and some of Nicole’s friends from Columbia) we went to several bars and had a blast drinking and dancing until 3am… again! 

After two late nights, Sunday was a little slower for us! We took our time getting up and enjoyed brunch at a local spot in Harlem (The Grange). Seriously, DELICIOUS! From there, we ventured over to the High Line walkway and had fun daydreaming if we lived in all of the different boujee buildings around there.

The rest of our day, we spent just enjoying each others company and talking about how much fun we had the entire trip. We also made plans for all of the activities we want to do on our next trip to NYC. Thanks for the best weekend trip ever Nicole… see you next week?  Well maybe not next week, but definitely sooner rather than later!

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