Friday Feels ft. South Padre

Oh to be back on South Padre Island… I am currently writing this from my office after a wonderful getaway to warmer weather! As some of you may know, John and I met in South Padre, TX on Spring Break and try to get back there every couple of years. His family has a condo on the Island and it will always be one of our favorite places. On this trip, we brought along one of our favorite people! Nicole and I have been best friends since high school. After college, we lived together and for a little while John also lived with us. Through being roomies, John and Nicole became insanely close friends as well which has made us three peas in a pod over the years.

Day & Night. 

During the day, we lounged by the pool and soaked up the sun. Nicole loved the ocean so we also went on a long beach walk one of our afternoons.  While South Padre is known for Spring Break, it’s important to note that throughout our time there we probably saw less than 10 individuals under the age of sixty! LOL. Outside of Spring Break, the island is home to many retirees and older adults on vacation. We were definitely the youngins’.

In addition to adventuring down to the ocean during the day, we always made several trips at night. It is so eerie to see complete blackness outside of the white caps and moon. While I would never go down there alone (way too much of a scaredy cat), it was really fun to go with John and Nicole.

Island Finds.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

John and I are always very relaxed vacationers. We usually find our favorite places/things and stick to them. Even with the addition of Nicole, we did the same.  One of the local island favorites is South Padre Island Brewing Company.  They have great beer and even better happy hour deals. So, because of the deals and tasty beer… we attended Happy hour all but one day on the island.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography

Don’t let these photos fool you, throughout the week we were complete bums.  We wore t-shirts, no makeup and usually did the bare minimum to prep for each day. After all, we’re relaxed vacationers! On our last evening, we realized we hadn’t taken any photographs from our trip. We decided to clean up a bit and get ready for our last happy hour of the trip. I am so glad we did because we’ll have photos from this unforgettable trip!

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