Friday Feels ft. Christmas Time

Happy Friday Feels featuring Christmas time in Missouri! Last weekend, John and I were able to spend several days at my parent’s house in Columbia, MO.  While there, we seriously had the best time. Because my sister lives in Kentucky and we live in the Chicago suburbs, everyone getting together is more difficult than it used to be.  Although I grew up in a completely different home in Illinois (my parents moved to MO last December), their new house feels so much like home to me.

One of my absolute favorite things about being at home is my dad’s cooking.  If you’ve never had it, let me tell you.. it’s amazing!!! Not just in the, “he’s my dad” kinda way but more like in a top chef sort of way! One evening, our family friends came over and we had twice baked potatoes (credit to my mom) and prime rib.  It was too delicious not to include a photograph below.  Another evening, we had our Christmas tradition of beef wellington. I don’t think any of us hardly spoke during that dinner because we were all too consumed with how amazing the meal was!

In addition to fabulous food, the days were also completely filled with laughter. We played games like Jackbox on my Nintendo switch where my family learned my sister has a way bolder sense of humor than they remembered. John and I also supplied a lot of entertainment when we surprised everyone with customized wine labels. Each label included a pun about the photograph, most including our family pets.

Speaking of pets, while in MO we were also surrounded by more pets than normal… so prepare yourself for lots of dog portraits below.

Overall, no words or photographs could completely encompass what a special couple of days we had in Missouri at my parent’s house.  Looking back on the photos makes me wish we could do the week all over again!  

My momma sure does love her pup Luke… he also loves her and shows his affection by “smiling”!

I borrowed Audrey’s copy of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck last year.  While reading it, I ended up making all kinds of notes and writings throughout. After remembering it was hers, I decided to surprise her with a new copy for Christmas… only adding a couple notes to it! 

***The picture on the left perfectly captures how they feel when I say, “let’s take a group picture!”. 

Boom Boom wasn’t sure what to think of all of the snow.

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