Proposal at Parlor Pizza, Cam & Ashleigh, Chicago IL

Proposal at Parlor Pizza, Cam & Ashleigh, Chicago IL

Let me set the scene.  Me, standing across the street… hiding behind a tree. Both cameras in hand. Anxiously staring at my phone, awaiting a text to let me know it was ‘go time’.

Cam contacted me a couple of weeks before his proposal to ask if I was available to be a part of it. He wanted to propose outside of Parlor Pizza, one of he and Ashleigh’s favorite restaurants. To explain, he sent me a photograph from their instagram of his ‘vision’. I instantly was able to picture it and knew I had to be a part of capturing this special moment.

I absolutely adore Cam and Ashleigh. In general, I have enjoyed watching their relationship over the years and especially seeing their cute instagram captions about each other. I am overjoyed to share with you their proposal images. Certainly, I hope to share more engagement/wedding photos in the future!

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