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Let me start by saying.. this blog post is 80% photos of delicious food & drinks.  A couple of weeks ago, John, his mom, brother and I took a trip to Orlando, FL. We stayed in an amazing timeshare in Reunion Resort compliments to his mom Jeanne.  We enjoyed making our own breakfasts in the morning and sitting out on our porch overlooking the golf courses surrounding us. John and I also went golfing (and by golfing, I mean I drove the cart and he golfed). The course was absolutely beautiful and we even saw a crocodile in one of the ponds.


While in Florida, we spent a day at Universal Studio… more importantly, HARRY POTTER WORLD! It was a surreal experience.  The amount of detail and the entire feel of the two places (Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade) was incredible.  We spent over four hours just exploring and of course, trying butter beer! We also were able to visit Ollivanders and pick out our own wands.  Throughout the two towns, interactive wand locations were spread out to where we could actually perform magic. I will admit though, out of the four of us I was by far the least successful magician.  trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4207trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4208

We also spent a day in Epcot Park… this is where the extreme amount of food and drink photos come into effect. Prior to heading to Orlando, we knew that partaking in the Drinking Around the World at Epcot. There were eleven countries, each with their own cocktails and speciality foods.  We were in the park from 1pm to 9pm and just barely made it to all eleven countries! It was an experience to say the least. We had so much fun trying the different drinks and even indulging in fancy foods in Italy and France.  I think the drinks may have contributed to our decision making a bit because I came home with a Chinese bamboo coolie hat and John’s mom Jeanne decided to get a henna tattoo! trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4217trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4213trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4215trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4216trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4223trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4214trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4220trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4218trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4219trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4221trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4225trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4224trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4229trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4228trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4227trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4237trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4236trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4235trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4234trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4230trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4231trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4232trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4233trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4238trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4240trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4241trip-to-orlando-ebby-l-travels_4242

As if we hadn’t had enough wonderful food yet, we spent our last evening in Orlando at Big Fin Seafood Kitchen.  The lobster and oysters rockefeller were to die for!


Overall, we had an amazing time in Orlando. The food, the company, the places all contributed to a vacation I will never forget. And for those of you who are Harry Potter fans, start planning your trip to Universal now! trip to orlando ebby l travels

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