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With my 2019 wedding season starting in just one week, I thought it was time to share the Best of Weddings 2018.  Every year this blog post turns out a little bit different. For this past wedding season, I wanted to share with you little snippets of individual parts of a wedding day’s timeline.

I am seriously SO grateful to get to photograph weddings as my job and can’t express to you how much each and every one of these weddings mean to me.  So without further adieu … let’s begin!

The Morning.

Mornings are one of my favorite aspects of a wedding day.  Those little moments getting ready, the groom tearing up as he reads his brides letter and the bridal details. My second shooter and I make it a point to spend time in the morning photographing the beautiful bridal details while also getting a feel for the group and the day that’s about to begin.  Oh, and getting a fun girls group photo before putting on dresses of course! 

First Looks.

Regardless of if they take place before the ceremony or as the bride walks down the aisle, it is always so special.  You can pretty much guarantee if the groom cries, I’ll also be hiding tears behind my camera. 

The bride + groom.

Ahhh this section was so difficult to narrow down because I LOVE bride and groom portraits. I was extremely fortunate this year to have so many beautiful locations to photograph my couples in. I really loved incorporating movement such as walking, twirling, dipping, kissing, etc.

One of my favorite things about bridal portraits is the variety that comes from similar posing instructions… for example, the two black and white images below each of the couples was told to do the same thing but just look at how different the pictures turned out!  Best-of-Weddings-2018-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

The Ceremony.

As I said before, I was very fortunate to have such beautiful locations to photograph this year. And so much variety! Barns, cathedrals, cityscapes, national parks and more.  And to repeat another thing I said earlier… if the groom cries, I’m crying. And that also applies to father’s of the bride tears.   Best-of-Weddings-2018-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

The Party.

Bridal parties are so much fun. From smaller groups with one or two on each side to groups as big as 30, who you choose to have in your wedding is so important.

Because I got engaged this year, I feel like I valued bridal parties even more. I started thinking about the friends who would stand beside John and I. All I can say is, we’ve got a big bunch of friends and there will be several candids because it will be a crazy group… but I can’t wait for it!!

The Fam.

Along with the party people, family is also so special on a wedding day. As a wedding photographer, I am able to document milestone moments like a father as he gives away his daughter.

At one of the weddings this year, I took a photo of the bride with a guest. That guest brought a photograph of herself and the bride as a child, as the flower girl in her wedding. It gave me goosebumps to see the lasting effects photos have and to think that 20 years from now, a bride may be doing the same thing with a photo I took of her and her the little flower girl. Best-of-Weddings-2018-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

Those “Just Married” Portraits.

MY FAVORITE. After the ceremony is all said and done, I absolutely love to sneak away with the bride and groom for a few moments alone. Not only is it the first time they get to be by themselves as a married couple, it is also a wonderful opportunity for a few intimate portraits.

Regardless of if the bride and groom took photos prior to the ceremony, I always suggest finding this window of time to just be alone together for a few more. Not to mention, the nerves from pre ceremony are gone and it shows in the way couples interact during these images. Best-of-Weddings-2018-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos Best-of-Weddings-2018-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

The Details.

Details are another aspect of weddings that I got to enjoy even more once I was engaged.  Attending and photographing each wedding this year kind of turned out like scrolling a wedding Pinterest board… .SO MANY IDEAS. 

Party Time.

Receptions are always a blast. I love seeing creative reception entrances like confetti popping or even more out there ideas like riding in on hot wheels (scroll down to see picture).  There’s also always the tough best man who can’t help but cry talking about the friendship between him and  the groom. And don’t forget that one guest who gets on the dance floor the second they can because they’ve been waiting to boogie all night. Best-of-Weddings-2018-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

The Exit.

A lot of times, these “exits” take place as more of an intermission. It is once I have all of the dancing pictures anyone would ever need and it’s time for my second shooter and I to call it a night. It’s the last aspect of the evening we photograph before we let the newly married couple just celebrate with their friends and family.

And without fail, my second shooter and I spend the car ride back talking about how in love we were with this and that of each wedding.  I love my job and love each of the individuals in these pictures.

2018 weddings, you were amazing. 2019 weddings, I’m ready for you! Best-of-Weddings-2018-Ebby-L-Photography-Photos

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