Best of Weddings 2019, Ebby L Photography

Best of Weddings 2019, Ebby L Photography

2019… WHAT A YEAR!

I had the opportunity to photograph so many amazing couples on their special days.  I traveled all the way to Santa Barbara for an intimate wedding and drove down to Metropolis, IL for a giant celebration with friends and family. Along with those two weddings, I photographed several Downtown Chicago and in Champaign, IL.

Truly, it was a wonderful year and I still have to *pinch* myself that I get to photograph people in love for my “job”.

So without further adieu, here’s a look into 2019’s wedding highlights.


The Morning.

As always, wedding days begin with details! Pretty rings, vintage cars and personalized notes are the way to my heart. Along with capturing the details while the morning is still slow, my second shooter and I spend time with the ladies (and sometimes the men) as they make their final getting ready touches.  I always love taking a couple of minutes with the bride right before she puts on her dress to embrace the quiet, photograph her beautiful hair/makeup, and allow it all to sink in before the day begins. 

Next up, First Looks.


I can tell you from personal experience (yes, I got married this past year!) that a first look is so, so incredibly special. All of the nervous anticipation of the day is gone when you see your person and realize ,”holy sh*t, we get married TODAY!”.

While the bride and groom are by far my favorite on every wedding day, bridal parties deserve some praise as well! 


I always love seeing the different colors, dresses, flowers, suit styles, etc. on each wedding day.  Not to mention, no one brings the fun quite like a rowdy bridal party. Remember the photo right below this from my instagram? See the behind the scenes, HERE!


Back to my faves… THE BRIDE & GROOM!


2019 brought many different portrait locations. An insane blizzard, a beautiful sunflower filled field, pouring down rain, 100 degree temperatures, the colorful downtown streets of Santa Barbara and more.

I love incorporating ‘the day’ into my couples portraits.  For example, although there was sideways blowing snow and insanely low visibility, we made it work and went outside to get absolutely gorgeous snow photos!  WORTH. IT.

**Insert happy tears here**… The Ceremony. 


Forgive me for mentioning myself again but our wedding ceremony was my favorite aspect of our entire wedding day. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to feel that way but it was truly so meaningful.

In all of my eight years of wedding photography, every single wedding ceremony is special in its own way. Of the ones I witnessed this year, I absolutely adored Tyler & Meg’s intimate Catholic ceremony. 

Certainly, No wedding would be complete without the DETAILS! 

Next, special shout out to family.


There is something incredibly special about the bond of siblings or the emotional connection between a father and his daughter. Not to mention, who better to keep you warm on a cold December day between photos than your family?!

It’s official.. the ceremony is over and it’s PARTY TIME! 


Speeches, dances, entrances, cake cutting, etc. At last, the nerves are gone (well aside from your best man who’s having an extra swig of his beverage before standing up to tell an embarrassing story from your childhood).  Of course, receptions are the time for true celebration. Out of receptions this year, a family flash dance at Patrick and Kaleigh’s wedding and Mr. Golden joining the band at Conor & Lauren’s wedding are in a tie for most exciting. However, that’s not to say that Bridget’s grandparents being put up in the chairs during The Hora at Jared and Bridget’s wedding wasn’t memorable!


At last, that’s a wrap. 2020, I am so excited for you and cannot wait to witness many, many more wedding days full of love, happiness and pure joy!

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