Friday Friday Fridayyyy Feels

Friday Friday Fridayyyy Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

Hey friends! I’m on my second cup of coffee getting to it on this Friday morning.  I’ve been pretty busy these past couple weeks so it’s nice to know I have a weekend at home ahead of me.  On the agenda for the weekend… relax, brunch tomorrow and a little bit of work on Sunday. But for now, I wanted to share this week’s #fridayfeels!

1/2 Vacced.

Finally!!! The world feels like it may return to normalcy soon. Last week I received my first of two vaccines. I received mine at Gallagher Way by Wrigley Field and it was such an interesting experience. The facility was so organized and informative throughout the process.  We were in pods of six getting vaccinated and I weirdly felt a ‘bond’ to my pod. Anyone else who’s been vaccinated in a similar way feel the same??

City Chicks.

Friday Friday Fridayyyy Feels Ebby L Photography PhotosAudrey and I had visitors in Chicago this past weekend! My mom and grandma. We spent the weekend being tourists in our own city. We went on the Architecture Boat Tour and The Field Museum. I absolutely loved the boat tour and could’ve spent hours in the museum. Along with doing the ‘Chicago staples’, we also made sure to include some of our personal favorite spots throughout the weekend.  Our favs include Drews on Halsted (they have the best martinis!) and Happy Camper. Outside of good eats, Audrey and I loved showing off our neighborhood and showing my grandma the chicken coop on Aldine!

Friday Friday Fridayyyy FeelsFriday Friday Fridayyyy Feels Ebby L Photography Photos


Friday Friday Fridayyyy Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

And now for my random ‘what I’m listening to, watching, reading, etc’ addition to this week’s Friday Feels.  My favorite podcast is Armchair Expert. I’m a big fan of talking through feelings and deep diving into psyches so I am constantly fascinated by listening to Dax and Monica’s conversations with guests. Not to mention, I always find myself smiling while I listen because their camaraderie is so great.

I most recently listened to Macklemore’s episode and would highly recommend if you’re curious what Armchair Expert is all about!


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