Friday Feels

Friday Feels

…or should I say Snow Day Feels?! This image was my street this morning. And unlike that gentlemen shoveling his driveway in the distance, I have tried to leave the house as little as possible.  This is definitely one of those days where working from home is a huge perk. However, I have to admit… being my own boss was a disadvantage today because I treated it like a snow day and spent majority of it on the couch! I caught up on shows and had what I like to call a “me day”!

The Queen.

This is Luci, one of my senior rescue cats. As many of my readers know, she is one of two bengal cats that John surprised me with this fall. Since becoming a member of our household, Luci has really come into her own. Her favorite thing to do is designate different places in the house as her “spot”.  There for a while, Luci’s favorite place to hang out was inside of a cabinet. She would somehow get it open all by herself and then make herself comfortable for the rest of the day inside. Currently, her new throne is the top of the refrigerator. For being an elderly cat, she still has ridiculous hops and somehow gets herself up there. And for the record.. yes, I watch our pets way too much when working from home by myself all day.. LOL.

Dad Reveals.

This past wedding season, first looks with the bride and her father has been something frequently requested. I had never really considered how special this would be until I began photographing it.  The look that a father has when he sees his daughter in a wedding dress is always so heartfelt. It’s always my favorite to see how different dads react… some tear up, others joke around… some are at a loss for words. When that day comes for me, I know I will be eager to see what kind of reaction my dad has.

National Pizza Day.

Friday Feels Ebby L Photography Photos

According to Instagram, it is national pizza day. Thanks to social media, all I have wanted today is Beau Jo’s pizza. The problem with craving Beau Jo’s is 1) it’s in Colorado so there’s no way I could get it and 2) there is no other pizza like it.  After realizing I wasn’t going to be able to get that honey crust, I settled for homemade pizza instead.

For all of you Chicago area readers, what’s your favorite local pizza here?!

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