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north dakota adventures

This past week, I made a trip to North Dakota with my mom to visit family. My grandparents, two uncles & their families live there.  While there, I consumed way too much of my grandma’s peach cobbler, spent time playing with all of the farm pups and cherished every moment spent with my grandpa, Pappy.

In the last year, my Pappy’s health has taken a turn for the worse. He was an amazing, hardworking man and it is hard to see someone who used to be so strong be so weak.  Pappy has Lewy Body Dementia which has affected his memory, body and mind.

While he was a bit out of it a lot of times, there were many real moments with him that will stay in my mind forever.  One of my favorite things of the trip was the big kiss and hug he gave my grandma when she was taking him to bed.  After kissing her, he looked over at me and said he had to give his other sweetie a big hug too!

In addition to spending time at my grandparents, we also attended my Uncle Rob’s cattle sale. Although I grew up on a farm, a cattle show was a completely new experience to me! The auctioneer rattled off numbers quickly while members in the crowd slyly raised hands when interested in betting on particular cows. It was a pretty cool experience to be a part of.  I will admit, however, the after party celebration was a little bit more my scene. My family and their friends all stayed around afterwards and celebrated with drinks, country music and some celebrated with big cigars.

My time in North Dakota didn’t quite seem long enough. I wish I could give my grandma and Pappy each another hug and go for a long walk in the country with my mom. The simple, slow way of life we experienced while there was too relaxing not to want to return to.  I guess all that means is I’ll have to plan another trip there soon!

north dakota adventuresnorth dakota adventures

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