Champaign Country Club Engagement, Patrick & McKenzie, Champaign IL

Champaign Country Club Engagement, Patrick & McKenzie, Champaign IL

Patrick and McKenzie are the purest example of love. For their engagement session, we kept things simple and met at the Champaign Country Club where they will getting married in 2022.

My favorite part of their session was hearing all about how they began their relationship. Like many of you from Champaign know, everyone kind of knows everyone. For Patrick and McKenzie, that was especially the case.  Many of their friends and family members were friends and they had always known one another from a distance.

With that being said, Patrick and McKenzie were a little cautious about beginning a relationship. More so, about sharing with everyone else their relationship. Patrick recalled how he parked his car a couple of streets over so that it wasn’t obvious he was at McKenzie’s house. Despite his efforts, his mom happened to be on a walk in the neighborhood, saw his car and quickly put two and two together.   Lucky for Patrick and McKenzie, everyone was absolutely thrilled to find out they had gotten together.

Patrick and McKenzie, you two are the cutest. Thank you for sharing more about yourselves with me. I loved taking these photos and already can’t wait to be back again for your big day!

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